Bleeding Orange

College football season is nearly upon us. In our house that means that Saturdays are spent with the big screen on all day along with two smaller TV’s that Nathan brings out and hooks up. It’s just not acceptable to watch only ONE game at a time. Obviously.

Nathan has been like a child anxiously awaiting Christmas morning; only instead of new underwear and video games, it’s fantasy football, college pick ’em, and hours upon hours of football watching and beer drinking.

Around eight weeks in, when I begin to tire of the all day football watching extravaganzas and find myself complaining to Nathan that we never change out of our pajamas leave the house on Saturdays, he’s quick to remind me that I should cherish these lazy Saturdays. That once we have kids, none of it will be a possibility, and we might be limited to watching only the UT games (gasp!)…if that! Oh the horrors!

But seriously, Nathan is a lucky man. I think I tolerate his football obsession pretty well. And for the most part, I don’t just tolerate it, I actually enjoy it. While I could go without watching many of the non-UT games, I get pretty pumped up when my Longhorns are playing. I’ve been known to yell out obscenities and get mad when the refs make a bad call. I love competing in fantasy football and college pick ’em. In short, I like football. And I’m looking forward to a new season, a new quarterback, plenty of lazy Saturdays and lots of burnt orange.

So in honor of the upcoming season, here are some pictures of some of our previous game day adventures:

This was one of the first games we went to together...if not THE first!

Front row seats...Hi Colt!

About to score....

We won!!

At the 2009 National Championship Game!

 We’ve had some fun times in the last five years! Looking forward to another fun season! Go Horns!!!