Girl Class 101

As I mentioned in a previous post I have questionable skills when it comes to things that it seems many girls/women just seem to know intrinsically.  It’s like there was some world-wide convention  for women that I wasn’t invited to. And I have to admit, I’m more than a little bit envious of the women who seem to handle these things effortlessly. Maybe I just haven’t put enough effort into those things. That’s entirely possible. And maybe other women do. But I know there are plenty of them out there that don’t have to put effort in; it just comes naturally.

Take style for example. I don’t have it. And by style, I’m talking about a number of things. Clothes. Shoes. Accessories. Makeup. Home decorations. Hair styles.

I can recognize cute outfits and shoes and accessories on other women, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to shop in such a way that yields these adorable outfits, all perfectly put together. It’s very frustrating. The same goes with decorating my home, applying makeup and doing my hair. How the heck do women create those perfect ponytails?! And that thing where they bobby pin back their bangs and it makes this perfect little bump on top of their heads? I look ridiculous when I try to do that.

So what’s the trick? What am I missing here? How did you learn this stuff and how can I sign up for that class?

And I know, I know. In the grand scheme of things, this stuff might not matter. But damn it, sometimes I just want to look like a well put together lady! A funny/ironic side note though….

I was complaining to one of my coworkers about this very issue the other day. About how I’m seriously lacking in this female gene and I wish I knew how to dress as cute as some of our coworkers. I referred to one in particular who I thought always dressed nicely. The very next day, she said to me, “you always have such cute clothes!” And I was all, huh? Me?? Do you need glasses?

So maybe we all think along the same lines? And those lines are that someone else is always prettier, nicer dressed, more put together, etc and we’re constantly comparing ourselves.

Crap, I didn’t mean to get all deep with this because really I’m just interested in the superficial right now. Like hair, and makeup and clothes. Give me some pointers please. Or better yet, take me shopping!