Good Eats!

Ok, this is a post in which I rant. Just wanted to warn you in case that’s not your thing.

I’ve said before how I love to travel. But lately, there’s something that I actually really dislike about traveling. And that is having to eat out pretty much exclusively when on a trip. Oddly enough this used to be my favorite part of being away from home. It was an excuse to eat whatever I wanted and not feel bad about it. Vacation! Now it’s not that I feel bad about eating certain foods, it’s that I just don’t want to eat them anymore. It’s gross to me now and just makes me feel….ugh.

I guess I’m not really talking about the vacation itself as much as the getting there part. Once you’ve reached your location, it’s a lot easier to find healthy choices. But when you’re in between places and having to eat on the go? When you’re in the airport or driving down the interstate on a road trip? Well, your options are fast food or planning well enough in advance to bring your own food, which is not always feasible. When we flew to the Outer Banks, our flight was at 5:30, so we had to go straight from work. It was too early to eat dinner, so we decided to pick something up in the Chicago airport. Poor planning, yes. Our connection was pretty short, so we had to stay in our terminal. And in that terminal, there were exactly two (quick) options: a McDonald’s and a Chicago-style hotdog stand. Nathan got a hotdog and I got Mickey D’s; I haven’t been able to eat a hotdog in quite some time.

I just get so frustrated that those are the only kinds of options. You can’t get anything fresh when you’re in a hurry. Probably because there isn’t much demand for that type of thing, and I guess that’s the saddest part. What’s the point in trying to sell fresh fruits and vegetables when no one will buy them and they end up going bad? But as the obesity epidemic continues to sweep our nation, that’s exactly what we need to be offering. How can we expect people to make better choices when their choices consist of Wendy’s or McDonald’s?

So as much as I love to travel, and as much as I love to eat at good restaurants when traveling (NOT fast food), and as much as I hate to cook, it’s also really nice to be at home where I know exactly what is in my food. Tonight’s dinner:

Nothing fancy. I don’t do fancy very well. Just whole grain pasta covered in asparagus, squash, bell pepper, black olives, and pesto. Now that’s some good stuff!