Nice eyebrows!

We’re back from the Outer Banks. I’ll have a longer post all about that with pictures galore soon. In the meantime, how about some stories from our travels up there? No? Too bad!

We’re checking into the Austin airport, selecting our flight and checking our bags when the lady behind the counter says, “I like your eyebrows.” I assume I’ve misunderstood her (who compliments eyebrows?) so I reply, “I’m sorry?”

“Your eyebrows. I like them. Did you do them yourself?”

“Uh, no. I had them waxed.”

“Well I really like them. They’re so neatly trimmed.”

“Oh, wow. Thanks. I’ve actually never liked my eyebrows, so thanks.”

Then we walk away from the counter and I turn to Nathan and say, “Did you hear that?! She likes my eyebrows!”

I don’t know which is weirder, the fact that someone complimented my eyebrows or the fact that I was so excited about it. Here’s the thing you guys. I HATE my eyebrows. Ok, hate is kind of a strong word. I mean I’m happy that I have them. I’d look weird without them. I guess I just wish I didn’t have so much of them. It all goes back to my sophomore year in high school….

Somehow I had never been informed (or noticed) that women pluck their eyebrows or have them waxed (this info wouldn’t come into play until years later). This random bit of trivia had just never crossed my radar. So one day in Chemistry class this guy asks me if I pluck my eyebrows. And I look at him like he has three heads and say, “do what? Pluck my eyebrows? As in rip the hairs out with tweezers?! Why on earth would I do that?” To which he replies and tells me that lots of girls/women practice this and maybe I should give it a try because I kind of have “manly” eyebrows. After I pulled the dagger out of my heart, I gave his suggestion some thought and decided he was right. I had never noticed what bushy eyebrows I had and suddenly I was very self-conscious. Thanks a lot, dude!

So I went home and got to work on my manly eyebrows. I plucked a few. Then a few more. But then they were uneven. So I plucked a few more. And a few more until I gasped and realized I had just butchered my eyebrows. Not only were they uneven, but they now had the opposite problem of not being thick enough. Throughout high school I had these ridiculously uneven, too short eyebrows. I’d post a picture but that would just be embarrassing. Then (in college maybe?) I found out about waxing and things improved a little bit, but the damage had already been done. And so I’ve spent the years since high school very aware of my plentiful eyebrows.

All of that to say, a compliment on my eyebrows? It’s a big freaking deal. So thank you airport counter lady!