To procrastinate or not to procrasinate?

I’m a procrastinator. There, I said it. I’m owning it, admitting it. Isn’t that the first step?

Anyway, I’ve known this about myself for a while now. Like forever. Probably since the first time I heard the definition of the word, somewhere in elementary school, and thought to myself, huh, that sounds a lot like me. In much the same way that I hear the symptoms of any type of cancer or fatal disease and think, OH MY GOSH!!! That’s what I have; I’m going to die!! So basically, I’m a procrastinating hypochondriac with a bad case of general anxiety disorder {that’s actually been confirmed by a real-life doctor rather than WebMD}. Have I mentioned what a lucky guy Nathan is?

So as it happens, I’m also a little bit slow sometimes. For example, I just yesterday made the connection between my procrastination and anxiety. And now it seems so blatantly obvious. OF COURSE my tendency to procrastinate feeds my anxiety. Duh. Here’s how it works: I have something in mind that I need to get done. I know it needs to be done by a certain time, usually a good distance in the future. So I sit on it. And sit. And sit. And sit. Until that “good distance in the future” is squarely upon me, at which point I start to freak out that I now have NO TIME to complete said task. Where did the time go? Why didn’t I take care of this when I first thought about it? This is a highly stressful way to live your life I’m realizing.

But it’s the only way I know. And in fact, I’d actually argue that I do my best work when under the pressure that the procrastination has caused. If there is no pressure on me, I find it very difficult to concentrate on what I need to be doing because….well, I have all the time in the world, right? But when I don’t have all the time? That’s when my brain kicks it into high gear and I accomplish the most. This is quite the dilemma if you ask me. So what’s a girl to do?