Spicing things up!

Another busy weekend. We don’t do too much on week nights which means we have to cram everything into our weekends. I’m exhausted. The good kind though.

Saturday we spent the afternoon celebrating our nephew’s sixth birthday. There was swimming (for the kids), cake, homemade ice cream, and gift opening.

Birthday boy...

From there we headed up north for Nathan’s 10 year high school reunion. 10 years?! How are we old enough to have graduated high school 10 years ago? Well actually, it’s only been 9 for me; I married an older man. Hubba, hubba!

Anyway, back to the reunion. What can you say about a high school reunion? Let’s just say it didn’t leave me looking forward to my own next year. Obviously it will be a little bit different when it’s my own because…well I might know a few more people for starters. But the feelings of awkwardness, the obligatory small talk and introductions, the promises to keep in touch? That will all be the same. In other words, it’s just like….high school all over again. Awkward.

Today I met up with my friend Jessica for lunch and to take our last photography class assignment picture. I’m a little sad that the class is ending because I know there’s still so much to learn, but it’s been a good experience and I’m happy to have had it.

Our assignment was to take a picture of an Austin view. Something iconic, landscape, with people, without people, whatever. It just had to be representative of Austin, and we had to use all of the techniques and tools we’ve learned in class.

So we headed downtown and got to work. And yes, it was work. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Austin in the middle of the summer, so if you haven’t I’ll let you in on a little-known secret. The end of July? It’s freaking hot! And I’m not talking about “hot” in the same way that folks up north think that 85° is “hot”. No, I’m talking about 99° with a heat index of 106°, HOT. You know the kind where you sweat within a minute of stepping outside and your shirt sticks to your back? Yeah, that kind. Ok, I’ll stop complaining. It was actually a lot of fun. We played tourist in our own city, got some really great pictures and probably lost 5 pounds in sweat alone!

I never knew we had a Visitor's Center!

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