yoga love

Let’s talk about yoga shall we?

I really like me some yoga. It’s expensive, so I’ve only been able to take two classes. Well not two individual classes but two sets of classes. One lasted a little over two months (twice a week) and the other was just a one month introductory class.

Aside from the physical benefits like increased flexibility, strength and toning, it also has really positive effects on my anxiety. I feel so great after doing yoga. A little bit exhilarated from the working out aspect but at the same time very peaceful and calm.

You see it’s a little hard to focus on all of my worries and anxieties when I am so focused on my breathing, my balance, the pain, and figuring out how on earth to manipulate my body into some of the more challenging poses. As a consequence, my anxieties (I wonder how many times I can say that word in this post….anxieties, anxieties, anxieties!) just melt away. Literally. You should see the big pile of melted anxieties that I leave behind on the floor when I am finished. Gross.

Anyway, Wednesday night I went with my friend Molly to a class held at a coffee shop. The class is free as long as you purchase a drink before or after class. It was AWESOME! As I mentioned above, my experience with yoga is somewhat limited, so it was much more challenging than I was imagining, but I loved it.

I even loved that there were two girls (with smoking hot bodies and the ability to twist those bodies into ridiculously crazy poses which they held effortlessly) intentionally positioned right in front of me to highlight my poor form. Why? Inspiration. That’s right, I’m a cup-half-full kinda gal! I’ll definitely be back to that class. You just can’t beat $3 yoga served with a cup of peacefulness and a side of inspiration.