Chicken Tetrazzini!

Friday night was book club and I had actually read the book this time (well for the most part)! Yay me! It might have helped that I actually picked this book, and I felt like I’d be setting a horrible example if I didn’t even read my own selection. We wrapped up pretty early and I was right around the corner from my grandma’s house, so I stopped by to say hello. And I’m so glad I did because she seemed thrilled with the impromptu visit. And I loved just sitting there and chatting with her. I should really make it a point to do that more often.

Saturday was another dinner night with our friends. I can’t tell you how much I love these. We’ve never really had other couples to hang out with, so this has been fun. Blake and Jessica served homemade pizzas:

So delicious!

Jessica is who I am taking my photography class with, so we went out and photographed our assignments for this week together. And then we got back and of course continued to play with our cameras. I love having someone that I can be a camera nerd with:)

Jessica took this one of me with my camera

Check out their adorable pup, Milo.

Sunday I did what I do best: slept in. We went to the grocery store, but for most of the afternoon, we lounged about just being lazy. And it felt really nice. Like I said in my last post, I know I need to appreciate and take advantage of this time in my life when sleeping in and being lazy is a possibility because it won’t last forever. I think I enjoyed it a little too much on Sunday.

We watched the final World Cup game and then cooked together. Nathan made chicken tetrazzini (you have to say that like this lady) while I made muffins. Aren’t we so domestic? Don’t answer that.