Having fun….

with shutter speeds!

So our first assignment in my photography class included manipulating the shutter speed to show movement. Last night we went to watch the fireworks that our neighborhood put on, so I had a little fun with the camera then, slowing the shutter speed down to about 10 seconds.

I didn’t get any spectacular or original photos, but it was still fun.

Then I decided I wanted to try out a really FAST shutter speed, so I went into the backyard, set up my camera with the appropriate shutter speed and exposure and started having fun.

Again, nothing terribly original, but lots of fun. And I know shutter speed manipulation is nothing ground breaking, but I’ve honestly never messed with it, so it was cool to play around with it. I realized  that when I made the shutter speed too fast, it left the image way too dark, so I had to then mess with the “exposure compensation”. Pretty basic stuff, but all new to me.

And embarrassingly it was a lot of work physically. It was about 95° outside and I took about 30 of these shots. So I would go set the timer, count 15 seconds then run into the grass and jump/leap. I really need to start working out because I was way too tired and sweaty after just a few pictures!

In other news, Happy Birthday to America! Compared to most countries in the world, you’re a spring chicken!