30 x 30

So I’ve seen people write out lists of things they want to do by a certain age, and I wanted in on the action. I’m still over two years away from turning the big 3-0, but I’m a huge procrastinator in every sense of the word, so I figured if I wanted a real chance at completing this list, I had better get started early! While some may say that imposing silly deadlines on yourself of life milestones is only a way to set yourself up for disappointment, I disagree. As a perpetual procrastinator, I need the list! I need to write it down for all (or a few people as the case my be with this blog) to see. I need to make my intentions known and hold myself accountable.

So without further ado, I present to you my list of things I’d like to accomplish by the time I’m 30. Some are super easy, some are kind of silly, and some will actually be pretty challenging. Oh, and for the record, I started this list a couple of months ago, so some of the things have actually already been done (or are in the process), but I’m still including them.

1. Plant a vegetable garden. A real one, not just a tomato plant on my patio.
2. Go skydiving
3. Take a yoga class (took one a couple of months ago, so maybe another? or a different kind?)
4. Throw someone a surprise party
5. Buy and learn to use Photoshop
6. Get pregnant and hopefully have the baby before I’m 30…but you never know with these things.
7. Try different types of seafood and try really hard to like it
8. Try out vegetarianism (is that a word?) for at least one month
9. Go to a meditation group/class
10. See Iron & Wine in concert
11. Get laser hair removal on my underarms
12. Travel somewhere new, outside of Texas.
13. Learn some of my favorite recipes of my grandma’s, including cinnamon roles, “spice cookies”, and sour cream twists.
14. Volunteer somewhere
15. Watch some of the classic films I’ve never seen like Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, etc.
16. Own all of the necessary kitchen/serving items to host a proper dinner party (this one better happen WELL before I’m 30!)
17. Go snow skiing and/or water skiing. I’ve never done either.
18. Make homemade yogurt (sorry Nathan!)
19. Take a photography class (I’m doing that right now!)
20. Learn the proper technique to sew on a button
21. Make a real effort at learning Italian
22. Buy a pair of expensive, fancy shoes and have an occasion to wear them
23. Randomly pay for a stranger’s meal/groceries/purchase
24. Go to the symphony or ballet
25. Pay my dad back the money he “loaned” to me for my Europe trip in 2004
26. Get a new passport with my “new” last name
27. Dress up for Halloween (I NEVER do this)
28. Pamper myself to a half (or full!) day at a spa
29. Go to ACL Festival
30. Ride the new light rail train to work

Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: Items on this list are subject to change without warning. It’s not cheating because I make the rules.