Party of 6

Saturday was our night to host dinner. These dinners have really brought to light my inadequacies as a woman. First of all, check out the table settings: 


You will note first that I have no tablecloth. In addition, I own no linen napkins, so I went the classy route and had select-a-size paper towels in their place. If you look very closely, you’ll also notice that  there are only four matching coasters. The other two are from a different set because I don’t have six of the same kind. FAIL. 

And while I don’t have real photographic evidence of this, Nathan pretty much cooked the entire meal. 

Note Nathan's hand stirring....

We (and again, by we, I mean Nathan) made chicken and vegetable stir fry, egg rolls, and edamame. We kept the chicken separate because one of the couples we eat with is vegan. 

So how to display all of this beautiful food? Well that was my next problem. You see, back when we were getting married and registering for stuff, we decided not to register for all of the useless stuff that most people register for, like serving platters. Well as it turns out, serving platters and bowls are not useless at all. In fact they would have come in very handy on Saturday night so that we didn’t have to put the rice in a MIXING bowl. Oops. Those are definitely on my list of things to buy very, very soon…definitely before our next turn hosting. 

Despite my lack of proper place settings and serving dishes, the food was delicious (probably because I didn’t touch it) and we had a lot of fun. With a lot of wine.