The One with All the Sleep

So after months of daily (sometimes multiple times a day) anxiety/panic attacks and relentless physical symptoms of anxiety, I decided to get on medication. I’d been in denial for quite a while that it was actually “just” anxiety that I was dealing with, and the thought of being on meds (again) just added to the anxiety. I finally caved and decided that being on meds couldn’t possibly be worse than what I’d been going through. So in addition to a small daily dose of Zoloft (the generic actually), I was prescribed an as needed pill that I could take when things got particularly bad. Works for me!

I retrieved it from the pharmacy and read the instructions: “Take 1 to 2 tablets three times a day as needed for anxiety and insomnia.” INSOMNIA?! Whaaa?

Here’s the thing: I don’t have insomnia. In fact I suffer from something I like to call the opposite of insomnia. Symptoms include being tired all.the.time, falling asleep on the couch nearly every night while Nathan watches the news, the ability to fall asleep pretty much instantly, the ability to sleep in planes, trains and automobiles, with lights on, with the TV on, etc. Ok, you get the picture. I like to sleep; I have no problems getting to sleep or staying asleep….sometimes for unnatural amounts of time.

Needless to say, I’m a little bit hesitant to try this medication. Considering my background and steamy love affair with sleep, it’s not unreasonable to imagine a scenario in which my coworkers find me passed out on my keyboard, drooling and snoring, after popping one of those little suckers! Like I said, SCARY!

Geez, all this talk of sleep is making me tired…..