Summer Nights

June 11th- 12th:

Another Friday night movie night in our house. We watched Shutter Island. One word: creepy. Ok two words: creepy and disturbing. A good movie but difficult for me to watch in some parts.

Saturday we did stuff around the house (Nathan mowed while I cleaned inside- what’s new?) until it was time to head out to a Pool Party/BBQ at one of Nathan’s coworker’s houses. Fun times, but no pictures. I don’t know these people very well and as much as I want to be taking pictures of everything these days, I thought it might seem a little creepy if I came waltzing in with my DSLR around my neck.  Like here comes crazy camera lady who feels the need to photographically document us sitting around the pool…Weirdo. So I refrained; even though there was a really cute baby whose little grin was calling my camera’s name.

Moving on.

Saturday night we had dinner at some friends’ house. It was our first time going to their house, and I loved it. It’s an older house in a cool neighborhood and just had such a great vibe to it. It probably helps that a designer lives there. They have this really pretty patio,

where we sat out and had drinks after dinner.

Ah, I love summer.  I just wish it didn’t have to get so damn hot here!