Straight teeth!

I got braces for the first time when I was in 4th grade. Got them off in 7th grade and loved that I didn’t have to add to the awkwardness of high school by having braces. The only problem? Well there were a couple of problems, but the most important was probably that I stopped wearing my retainers by the time I was in high school. And my wisdom teeth were never removed when they should have been. Those two things combined resulted in my teeth slooowly shifting and becoming crooked again. Toward the end of high school and all through college I was very self-conscious about my teeth. So after we were married and had a little bit of extra money, I convinced Nathan to let me get braces again. Woohoo! Braces at 26! Yeah, totally not fun. But now they are off, and I’m so happy I stuck it out.

For the most part I figured out a way to mask the crookedness by only taking pictures straight forward, no side angles. When I did that, it wasn’t too obvious. See exhibit A:

See, not so bad right?

But then you have the more frequently captured image of me that went something like Exhibit B:

And there are a lot more “Exhibit B’s” where that came from! Exhibit B is precisely the reason why I desparately wanted to have my teeth re-straightened to the extent to which I was willing to endure braces. Again. In my mid-20’s. Because that picture up above? That one with my now husband? That was taken on the day we got engaged. A happy time. And yet all I can/could focus on were the horrible, crooked teeth!

Anyway, like I said, the braces are off now and this is what my smile looks like. I present to you, Exhibit C:

And look! They even look straight in a profile shot! That was always the worst with my “old” teeth:)

(And yes, I just realized that in all of the above pictures, myself or Nathan is wearing burnt orange. Maybe we have a little bit of a problem/obsession)