Feeling old

Last weekend we went out. Twice. As in Friday AND Saturday night. Arriving home past 1:00am on each night/morning. Apparently I missed the memo that I’m old and shouldn’t be staying out that late two nights in a row! Because if I’d gotten that memo, it would have served as a reminder that the downtown club scene is so not me anymore.

5 years ago? Hell yes. I could go out three nights a week, every week…and love every second. But now? Give me a margarita (or two) on the patio of a {somewhat} quiet bar/restaurant with good friends and good conversation. But for the love, don’t shove me in the middle of hundreds of people grinding on each other, spilling their beer on me, and generally acting a fool. Been there, done that, moved on.

However, in the interest of good memories, here are some pictures of us out on the town in our younger days:

Ah, memories! I think that last one was from my 23rd birthday in 2005.