We love the moms!

Friday, May 7:

Friday evening the in-laws came down to drop off our lawn mower which they had taken to the repair shop for us. We decided to take them out to dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day early, so we went to Mesa Rosa which is a cute little Mexican restaurant around the corner from our house. We had only been there once, but I remembered that I really liked the patio, and since the weather was so nice Friday night, we decided to go there. Once again the patio was awesome! There was a band playing, fans blowing, great conversation, and giant margaritas for all! A good night.

Saturday night we started our bi-weekly dinners that we’re going to be having with our friends, Blake and Jessica. We decided that every two weeks, we’d switch off houses/hosting duties and have dinner together. To start the tradition, we hosted, which meant that we spent the day on Saturday grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking. For dinner we made lasagna, salad, and garlic bread oh my! Dinner was great, but mostly we just enjoyed hanging out with our friends. Can’t wait for the next one!

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so we had the entire family over to our house for lunch and pie. We aren’t usually the hosts for this type of event. We usually congregate at my Aunt’s much larger (and more plentiful chair containing) house for such things. So this was different. A little crazy, a little chaotic, a little like a small zoo with monkeys my nephews running around. But overall it was nice, and I’m looking forward to the year that I can celebrate my own motherhood!

In other exciting news, my hibiscus finally bloomed!

And right now there are about 13 buds following closely behind.