You never know who’s living next door!

Our crazy neighbors have officially moved out! Maybe “crazy” is a little harsh. Perhaps obnoxious would be a better adjective for them. And I’m really only referring to the teenage daughters with that one because the parents were pretty low key and somewhat normal seeming. {This of course doesn’t take into account the father who would mow the grass in khaki shorts whilst shirtless with long white socks, ear phones, and a face mask– yeah, try to picture that for a second} But I can’t tell you the number of times we had to listen to the teenage girl sing her heart out in the shower with the windows open. Windows that face our living room windows that we very much love to open when the weather is nice to enjoy a nice breeze…only to be assaulted by her singing. Ok, it probably wasn’t that bad, but let’s just say she’s no American Idol!

And how about the countless number of screaming matches we overheard? And by “overheard”, I of course mean “listened intently to with our ears pressed against the window.” But really there was one occasion when I contemplated calling the police because it was that bad. Yelling, screaming, doors slamming, cursing. All at around 1:00am.

Anyway, they moved out on Saturday and I did a little happy dance. Then Monday we arrived home from work to find this litte gem:

Sherlock Holmes in the trash can. I just had to laugh at that. And take a picture, obviously. Because HELLO! how often do you get to see Jude Law in the neighbor’s trash?! Sadly he was missing the very next morning. That means he’s now secretly residing in another one of our weird neighbor’s houses. Haha.