More weekend happenings…

Friday, April 30:

We kept my best friend’s 4 year old little boy for the night so that she and her boyfriend could have a “date night.” We went across the street to the school to play on their playground and investigate their dumpsters. This kid has a serious thing for trash, trash cans, recycle bins, and dumpsters! It’s really pretty funny. After that, we watered my flowers and tomatoes together.

I was relieved to find out that he wasn’t like some of the school kids featured on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” who couldn’t identify any basic vegetables. He knew immediately what my tomatoes were even though they were still green. He then proceeded to tell me all about the parsley that he’s growing and how it isn’t doing too well because it got too much sun:) He’s a cutie, and we had a fun night!

Saturday, May 1:

Little man left early so that we could get our busy day started. I started off by heading over to our local farmer’s market. This was my second time to go, the first being their grand opening a few weeks ago. It was amazing how much more stuff was there this time! I seriously could have bought out the whole place; everything looked fantastic! The only problem is that it was all pretty pricey which is disappointing, but I’m not discouraged. I’ll continue to search for ways to eat the healthiest food I can while hopefully keeping it local and organic when possible.

After the farmer’s market I headed home and picked up the hubs so that we could go to the plant nursery. I’ve been wanting to re-vamp our front flower bed pretty much since we moved in, so we finally made plans to do that. We pulled out the liriope and replaced it with some nice purple flowers whose name I can’t even recall.

We also bought a new rose bush for the corner of our side bed. The final touch was to re-mulch, and what a difference that made! We made a mental note that when the time comes to sell the house, we must re-mulch. It’s a cheap way to really make things look nicer.

The final product...

After we both showered and cleaned up a little bit, we went out to dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. We like trying out new places in our area, and this one was on the list. Overall it was pretty good and we’ll probably go back.

Sunday, May 2:

Just another regular Sunday of chores around our house. We went to the grocery store then Nathan took one of our cats to the vet while I did some inside cleaning. After he got back he wanted to wash the cars. I supervised in my swimsuit so that I could get some sun. I totally would have helped out more, but my husband is very particular about most things, so it’s usually less stressful for both of us if I just let him do his thing.

Spring is fading very fast and summer is quickly approaching. The weekend was pretty hot and we’re just getting into May. I don’t know if I can handle another summer like last year, so here’s hoping that this summer is a little more mild. And by that I just mean let’s limit the number of triple degree heat to a couple dozen or so…as opposed to the 65+ last year:)