3 Years!

Yesterday Nathan and I celebrated three years of marriage! It’s really hard to believe it’s already been three years. It rained on our anniversary just as it did on our wedding day. Three years ago, those raindrops brought tears to my eyes as I watched the day I had been planning for months morph into something unrecognizable but ultimately more beautiful than I could have pictured.
Three years later and the rain still frustrated me as I schlepped across campus in the downpour to the chariot (I use the term “chariot” VERY loosely by the way) waiting to take me to lunch. Because our anniversary fell on a Tuesday, and I currently have yoga classes on Tuesday nights, we opted to go for our fancy dinner on Saturday night. So lunch it was.

For lunch we tried out a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. They serve authentic Australian meat pies. I love pies and Nathan loves meat, so it worked perfectly for us. Actually I already knew I loved meat pies from having eaten them in Australia years ago. These didn’t disappoint and we can’t wait to go back. Overall a lovely anniversary. Three years down, forever to go! Hopefully by the time we get to our fourth anniversary, our family will be in the process of expanding:)