Book club, birthdays, and coffee. Oh My.

Wow. So I’m really rocking this whole blogging thing! Ha. Before I created this here little blog, I used to think to myself, If only I had a blog, I could write all about that! And now that I do, the thoughts are still there, floating aimlessly in my head, yet I’m still not writing them down.

I’m not sure the direction I want to go with this, so I guess I’ll just start by chronicling my day to day life with the hope that it doesn’t bore anyone to tears. Not that anyone is reading this, but a girl can dream.

This past weekend flew by. It felt like the weekend was over before it even began because I had so much planned in a short time frame. I really treasure my relaxation time, and this weekend was a little short on that. But it was still fun.

Friday night was book club. I don’t know about other book clubs, but as for the one I go to, “book club” is really just a cover up for “female social hour and wine drinking” (I’m not complaining!). That was especially the case this time because only two people had read the book. And I wasn’t one of them. Oops. We all vowed to do better next time. The story of my life.

Saturday was birthday day. My best friend’s little boy turned four on Saturday, so we went to a “dino” park for the big party. He’s in love with all things dinosaur, so this was the perfect place for his big day. I borrowed my favorite (and only, btw) nephews, M&M as my stand in children and took them to the party. When you are child-less and going to a child’s birthday party, nieces and nephews come in really handy so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the adults who are chasing around their kids. Plus it’s good practice for me and the hubs. Plus the kids have fun. Plus it gives my sister a brief break. Win/win/win.

After the birthday party, we rushed home to get ready for yet another birthday celebration for my brother-in-law. Mother-in-law was out of town, so it was just father-in-law, hubs, brother-in-law and his girlfriend. A lovely time was had by all, consisting of cocktails, steak, salad, potatoes, and cookie cake for dessert. The in-laws are great cooks, so we never leave their house with an empty stomach! In fact, I usually over-indulge because the food is always so good.

Sunday was a busy day of errands, a coffee date, chores, and a house-warming party. Before I knew it, the weekend was gone and it was back to the daily grind. Such is life.